SHIELDSecure your Apple devices

iNSPiRE SHIELD is a great way to safeguard you from financial loss in cases of theft and accidental or catastrophic damage to your device and also to get an additional warranty on it.

iNSPiRE SHIELD is a premium guard which is exclusive to iNSPiRE customers and is available only at iNSPiRE Stores.

How it works:

Buy a hero product, avail SHIELD, Be worry-free!

  • Choose from 4 SHIELD policies with attractive pricing
  • Simple onboarding process
  • Seamless and highly visible tracking of claims

Simply call us and let us put you at ease.

Accidental Liquid Damage
iNSPiRE shield covers Accidental Liquid Damage for the subscribed period.
Accidental Physical Damage
iNSPiRE shield covers Accidental Physical Damage for the subscribed period.
iNSPiRE shield protects against
loss from thefts.
iPhone Water Damage 6
iPhone Water Damage 3
iPhone Water Damage 1
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